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Knowledge about bathroom sink faucets hardware acc
Knowledge about bathroom sink faucets hardware acc

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12 tips for choosing bathroom sink faucets :

Weight: Can not buy too light a leader, too light mainly manufacturers to reduce costs, hollowed out inside the copper, faucet looks great, does not take up heavy, relatively easy to withstand the pressure burst.

Handle: composite faucet easy to use, because the use of the sink, usually only one hand is empty.

Outlet: on the height of the outlet so that filled the basin easy.

Valve: This is the heart of the faucet, hot and cold faucets are now used ceramic valve spool best quality track in Spain, Taiwan.

bathroom sink faucets

Rotation angle: can be rotated 180 degrees so that the work becomes easy, and can rotate 360 degrees in the house only for a meaningful central tank.
You can stretch the shower: the effective radius increases, sink and containers can be filled faster.

Hoses: Experience has shown that 50 cm long tube enough, there are also more than you can buy or tube 70 cm.

Shower tube: In order not to issue a nasty sound, you should try to avoid using tubes of metal.

Anti-calcification system: will be deposited calcium, the same situation also occurred in the faucet in the shower and automatic washing system, there will be gathered silicon. Integrated air cleaner with anti-calcification system, can also prevent the internal device is calcification.

Back flow system: This system prevents dirty water is sucked into the water tube by a layer of material.

Cleaning: streamlined design does not need a lot of cleaning. Do not use scouring powder cleaning, polishing powder detergent or coarse nylon brush cleaning, dilute with the amount of shampoo, bath gel soaked cloth wipe, rinse with water after using a soft dry cloth to wipe the faucet.

Material: Stainless steel sanitary, environmentally friendly. Branded chrome device easy to care for and harmless to humans, but the manufacturing process also need to add some other elements.

Durability: anti-calcification system allows equipment from the risk of leaks and handle corruption.

Repairs: repairs to spend in various devices are very different, and the material is not very simple and some equipment that can be obtained. Repair actually quite simple, just have the appropriate accessories, of course, there is the structure diagram, or remove do not know how put back.